(You would think I would have tidied up for this photo, right? No. That would be a blatant misrepresentation of my kitchen counter.)

(You would think I would have tidied up for this photo, right? No. That would be a blatant misrepresentation of my kitchen counter.)

I write fiction, cook, bowl out a thousand snacks a day to my kids, read emails, fold laundry, jot notes and grocery lists, mend toys, apply band-aids to boo-boos, repeatedly watch episodes of Felicity on my laptop—from my kitchen counter. Which is sort of cream-colored. I freelance write, unschool my kids, make endless lists (lists calm me), do yoga, read too many parenting books—mostly in my kitchen. I seriously spend 85% of my time in this room. I am in here now. (85% is NOT mathematically derived data, but I think it’s at least 85% accurate.)

I am awkward, chatty, seem much more normal on the page than in person (but, really, how would I know?), I worry all the freakin’ time. You would be amazed at that about which I can worry. I never end a sentence with a preposition. Mostly. I over-share. (Obviously.)



I obsessively drink matcha green tea lattés which I used to buy at Starbucks until they changed the recipe and now taste like crap. Mine are way better and also I am not spending $100 a month at Starbucks anymore. (Don’t tell my husband I used to do that.) If you do something nice for me I will tell you how I make them. They are so good, you would not believe. I used to drink them from my reusable Starbucks cup with the special bubble top. But I broke it. Then I bought another. Then I broke that one. Now I have this lovely cup I bought at Target. My beloved bubble top does not fit, which makes me a little sad. But I’ll most likely break this one soon enough and buy another Starbucks version. I love my green tea lattés so much that I plan my day around drinking them, which is ideally at 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon. Sometimes—for scheduling obligations beyond my control—I have to alter the consumption time, which is not my preference, but I will if I absolutely must.

My novels The Mosquito Hours (2014) and Talking Underwater (2015) are published through Thorncraft Publishing. I have several other novels cooking—many of which were borne out of NaNoWriMo, in which I have participated since 2009.

I served as Senior Editor for Her Circle Ezine, where I wrote features, book reviews, author interviews and managed the blogs. You can read a couple of my short stories here, here and here.

I live in Massachusetts with my husband, son and twin daughters. You can send me a message at melissa(at)melissacorlissdelorenzo(dot)com.

(PS—I asked my sister to read this bio before I posted it and she added “amazingly loyal, great sense of humor, compassionate, forward-thinking, fair, earth-conscious, wicked fuckin’ smart, little girl at heart, super crafty talented, organized and innovative.” She’s probably right.)