don’t fret—there is enough room in the world for more novels

I totally DO NOT have enough time to write a blog post today, and logic would recommend that writing a quickie blog post would neither be wise nor professional. But I refuse to allow that stop me! So, I have seen a number of NaNo naysayers on Facebook and the webs. They say such things as there is already too much crap out there and maybe not just anyone should be writing novels. They use words like drivel and garbage and junk. And phrases like junky, crappy manuscripts flood agents.

But NaNo changes lives and creative processes. This is my new reality since my NaNo adventures began in 2009: write like mad all month, then Thanksgiving arrives for which I cook for, like, 20 people, then after Thanksgiving NaNo ends, then Christmas is on the way. Then I do all the planning, shopping, hiding, wrapping, Christmas festivity figuring outing (so the kids have a nice holiday season which ensures they will end up with good childhood memories blah blah blah), travel arranging, packing, staying up late to put it all under the treeing. Sometimes in December I sleep. For about 3 minutes. (I absolutely LOVE those 3 minutes.) In spite of all of that, I write 50,000 words every November, then more in December to wrap up my project.

So here follows my take on National Novel Writing Month. Let’s get real, there is already a crapload of crap out there. What’s a little more crap gonna hurt? Is there room for more war? No. More starving children? No. More glaciers melting? No more room. Bottom line: people creating is never a bad thing. NEVER. Even if they create junky, crappy drivel with which they flood agents.

People, PLEASE DON’T BE GRINCHY AND SCROOGEY ABOUT NANOWRIMO. And there is my Christmas reference to bring this thing full circle.

Peace out.

Joy to the World. (See how I did that? I’m awesome.)

(I am also 3,596 words behind. Crap... Gotta go.)

(Did any of this make sense? Don’t tell me... I don’t want to know.)