where have i been?

You’ve been wondering, haven’t you? (You have. It’s okay.)

Well, here follows a pictorial explanation—accompanied by lively, quick-witted captions—of my absence along with a promise to once again grace this great cyberspace of ours with my presence twice weekly!

(You’re welcome.)


NOT the mascot of the service I used to create a newsletter service for this blog. But chimp-ish.

I have been attempting to understand and successfully implement Mail Chimp to this blog. It was slightly easier than labor without an epidural, which I've also done. If you've never endured labor without an epidural, go ahead and make the assumption that it's really hard and totally sucky.

2013-04-26 15.49.06

I wore those clothes for 4 days straight. They also double as jammies. This was not HGTV, people.

I have been sewing curtains and painting cabinets. Because when your house is already on the market and you have 3 little kids who you homeschool, nothing makes more sense than taking on a huge DIY kitchen renovation project.

2013-04-30 12.14.05

Is there any crime in BUYING curtains? Yes. You must do it all by yourself.
That's what the "Y" stands for. (Isn't that fabric pretty?)

2013-05-08 15.02.44

I have been landscaping. Although I think actual landscapers might take umbrage at my generous use of that word... Nevertheless, my meager attempts sucked up a lot of time.

2013-05-08 15.03.10

2013-05-08 15.04.09

My new favorite writing pad. And, YES, I will tell you about it in a future post!

I have been getting ahead on blogging. I cannot continue to slide on through cyberspace by the seat of my pants. I am going to write 16 posts and then I can breathe a little easier instead of rushing to get everything done. Then when 2 months have passed, I'll freak out and do it again. Wait...

2013-05-02 16.27.46

I have been playgrounding. We had some serious playground business to which to attend. Instead of blogging and worrying about Twitter (still don't really get tweeting...), we got in the car and went to the playground almost everyday. I don't regret those "lost" moments one bit.

Thanks for your patience and now that I have it all together again, you can look forward to enthralling posts detailing my kitchen renovation, my sisters' get-away, some new go-to recipes, updates on my novel, favorite things and random miscellany!

(I know—you can't wait.)