indecision and also i forgot to write a post for tomorrow

Tomorrow is now actually today. You’re reading this today. Unless it’s tomorrow or some other time in the future. Or as long as the internet exists. Whatever. The point is I realized at 9:30 last night that I had forgotten to write a post for tomorrow (today) so in lieu of something well-thought out, I’ll just ramble. I’m tired, people. That’s what you have to do at 9:30 at night. Ramble. (I’m sorry.)

So, let’s begin with the indecision, then I’ll commence with the rambling. I think I want to build a new website and can’t decide if I should stick with Wordpress or build one with Squarespace or simply do nothing different or maybe wait a while then change or maybe I should just do it now before The Mosquito Hours is published in May. I do not know. This is the rotating soundtrack in my head. Interspersed with songs by The Fresh Beat Band. We found the long-lost CD in the bowels of the van (Yay?) and it has been pretty much on repeat ever since. Also I need to choose a space for my book launch and I have it narrowed down to 47 places. None of which I have called. Because I can’t decide. (It’s probably closer to 4, but it feels like 47 because I can’t decide.) And I need to get sunglasses this week and that frames wall is going to be brimming with choices. I’ll just let the kids decide. I do not want my brain to explode. Or implode. Neither of those is what I want.

(Someone should just tell me what to do and I promise I will do it. Thank you.)

And now the rambles.

2014-02-11 10.01.43

I hyperventilate a little every time I think about Twitter. I’m not convinced that is a normal response to Twitter. I just don’t get Twitter and that will most likely be my downfall. Wouldn’t that make you hyperventilate? See. It is totally normal.

2014-02-11 10.02.30

Girl executing a camel. Not literally. Or maybe literally? Depends on the context.

We have been watching the Olympics. Which for me means figure skating. Steve (not his real name) shows the kids other events lest they think that every 4 years the world comes together to watch a bunch of people jump around on ice. But now the kids want to take skating lessons. Which I fully support. However I have a bad feeling they have been misled about the ease of this endeavor they shall be undertaking. I think they imagine themselves doing camels and spins and lutzes and sow cows by the second lesson. I am no gypsy, but I do not think it’s gonna go down like that.

2014-02-11 10.02.13

No idea what's going on here.

I just read this back to myself and that is some quality rambling.

Also, I am so much more normal and put-together than this post would indicate.

(Not really.)

Please come back Thursday as I will be posting part 2 of “Squash Pie.” You do not want to miss that. I do not want to miss that. (Jedi mind tricks. They work every time.)