it's not you, it's me

Melissa—Hey, blog.

Blog—Oh, so you’re not dead.

M—Come on ... I’m sorry. I’ve been really busy.

B—Seriously? “Busy?” That’s your excuse.

M—I have been! I’m on deadline for my next novel, marketing The Mosquito Hours, taking an online mentoring class for homeschooling parents, getting ready for our family vacation. BUSY. I really am.

B—Next you’ll say, “It’s not you, it’s me ... ”

M—I was not going to say that. But since you did, it is true.

B—Did you seriously just say that.

M—Look, I am just one person, trying to accomplish a lot of things and maybe we just need a little time apart.

B—Wait ... are you breaking up with me?

M—I didn’t say that.

B—What else does “a little time apart” mean to you?

M—It means just that.

B—Do you think being vague is helping this situation?

M—Look, I’ll be on vacation for the next couple of weeks. I’m sure after that everything will just go back to normal soon. I'm figuring some things out right now. I just need a little time.

B—A little time? A little TIME?! You just said everything was normal!

M—I said everything will go back to normal soon.

B—So it’s about semantics?!

M—You accused me of being vague. I'm simply trying to explain myself.

B—I’m speechless.

M—Can we still be friends?

B—Shut. Up.

(I’ll be back in 2 weeks. I swear.)