duck and cow

This is duck and cow.

They are 6. I should say they’ve been with us for 6 years—I can’t be sure when they were manufactured. We don’t like to think of them as having been “manufactured.” They are only a teeny step away from actually being alive. They might actually be alive—I have no proof that they aren’t. They certainly are loved. I would even go so far as to say over-loved. I mean, just look at them.

(But can one ever really be over-loved?)

Ducky and Cowy, as they are known in the inner circle, have undergone many operations—I’m talking about a LOT of white thread. There is little fabric left with which to sew these holes closed. Through my lengthy experience, I can surmise that the prognosis for this level of damage is fairly good, but the time required for sewing will be extensive. I’m talking about HOURS. I’m not even exaggerating. The last time Cowy went under the needle was nearly 2 hours. Even if I can free Ducky and Cowy of holes and rips, I don’t think I can make them look normal. But my girls don’t care at all. They love Ducky and Cowy no matter what.

I have been putting off Ducky’s and Cowy’s repairs (as well as blogging, and proper book marketing for my novel, cleaning, writing, clutter control, cleaning ... ) because I have been deep, deep, deep in our homeschool planning. We don’t really take summers off—we also don’t really “do” school at any time of the year—I plan out our activities, outings and reading material and try to connect the three meaningfully. But summer is looser. Because I want to go to the beach. I mean give the kids lots of time to play and be free. Mostly at the beach.

With my homeschool planning this year, I am attempting to cultivate a loose routine—I want everyone to be happy and all needs to be met. Theirs for me not bugging them too much and mine for thinking I actually have some semblance of control of things. I like control. Or the illusion of it. I’m fine with illusion. So in theory we will all be happy. A 2 hour period in the morning to work on projects, read-aloud, a little Life of Fred together. A lot longer periods of free time and trips to nature trails and playgrounds. A Magic Treehouse co-op (so excited!), a Magic School Bus co-op (how fun!) and a whole lot of hope that I am meeting their needs. Their need for both learning opportunity and freedom—it’s a delicate balance.

Having completed our plans for the year, I finally had time to to repair Ducky and Cowy.

Not too shabby, right? Ducky looks pretty much like a duck. Cowy looks a bit less like a cow than she used to ... But my little girls think Cowy is beautiful. I try to remember that they look at me with those same eyes. I’m pretty sure that’s the way love works.

I have a good feeling that all my plans are going to go smoothly. We’ll find our way. I’m pretty sure that’s the way life works.


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