it’s here!

It has arrived on the webs! The trade paperback of The Mosquito Hours is available on Amazon. The eBook version will be available May 15th, if you prefer your books in digital form.

Can I tell you how weird it is to see MY BOOK on the webs? In EXISTENCE?! I am entirely ecstatic and totally freaked out in equal measure.

I spent the other day walking around downtown, hanging up flyers and talking to people about my book. It was rainy, windy and nasty and not at all the kind of day you want to be walking around downtown. But I had a sitter and you gotta take your opportunities when you get 'em. But can I tell you—I had so much fun and met a slew of nice, supportive people. And I realize that a wonderful benefit of publishing a novel is all the amazing people you meet when you do! It’s very encouraging on many levels. And I am really excited to see where this adventure takes me. I need to remember to enjoy it because very soon I need to get back to work writing the next book. The work of being a writer is very solitary and the work of publication is going to be a lot more social—I might even leave the voices in my head for a while and commune with actual humans. Seems like it might actually be fun!

Hey, have you heard of Goodreads? You should head over there and enter my book giveaway. We’re giving away several copies, so you have a pretty good chance! (You’re welcome.)

Happy Friday and hope your weekend is a lovely one!